Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 2 Hohhot

Day 2 in Hohhot almost over.  Got to wake up early, around 4 am to little guy throwing up all over everything.  Not sure what happened, but probably a combination of more food than he's used to, a very hot room and him still overdressed from the orphanage and possibly a bug, because the other little girl who was adopted from his orphanage threw up on the way to the hotel this morning.  News to us, though.  Apparently when we asked the hotel (a very nice five star Sheraton) to take away the sheets he threw up on and bring us new ones, they called our adoption guide and were planning to charge us about $100 for new sheets!  She talked them down to just charging us a fee for washing them, but apparently you have to be careful with the sheets here in China!

Today we had our notary and Civil appointments, so lots more paperwork.  We also got an amazing surprise, because I guess he was part of the Half The Sky program, so we got a binder FULL of pictures and notes from his entire four years at the orphanage!!  I cannot even explain what a huge blessing that is and will be for his future.  It had pictures from around every six months from the last four years.  I truly couldn't believe it.  They also gave us a traditional hat and outfit from Inner Mongolia and it is totally adorable.  At first he didn't like the hat, but then he liked wearing it and bossing us around.  :)

The rest of the day we just spent hanging out in the hotel room.  I must admit that we will be ready to venture out a bit tomorrow.  We even did baths at 4 pm today as something fun to do.  He loves the water!!  We are now eating instant oatmeal for dinner (I would highly recommend bringing packets if you ever come here, because there's a kettle in every room, so it's a nice filling and familiar meal) and getting ready to wind down since we were up so early.  Tomorrow we are going to a shopping area and a dinosaur museum on Thursday and then Friday we head to Guangzhou.  The temperatures here have been in the 20's and 30's and they're in the 60's and 70's in Guangzhou, so that should be a big change!

Thank you again for all of the prayers for us.  He is such a happy guy, definitely grieving some, but he has totally attached to us and the girls which is a huge blessing and makes it a lot easier to be spending many hours together in the hotel.  It will be a lot easier cocooning at home where there is more space and no charges for ruined sheets.  :)

You are my strength, I watch for you;  you, God, are my fortress, my God on whom I can rely.  God will go before and will let me gloat over those who slander me.  
Psalm 59:9-10

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