Friday, February 22, 2013


I wanted to share the story of how we chose our adoption agency.  Once we decided that we were really going to pursue adoption and we felt called to adopt internationally, I started researching agencies.  If you want anything electronic, Chris is your man.  If you want thoroughly researched homeschool curriculum, parenting resources, crafts for holidays, or adoption agencies, that would be my department.  If you've ever tried to research adoption agencies, you will know that it is incredibly overwhelming.  Every agency sounds great and there are so many to choose from.  It's even hard to narrow it down.  So, I started praying.  I prayed for God to help me pick out an agency-THE agency that had our child or children.  As many with children know, you end up getting a variety of catchy songs stuck in your head throughout the day (ours are more JOY FM now, but we certainly had our share of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Backyardigans) but it's rare that I wake up with a song in my head, although usually if I do it's a song that I heard the other day or that I can link to something.  So one morning I woke up with the song, "All God's Children Got Rhythm" in my head.  I used to sing this song as a child, but I hadn't heard it in at least 20 years.  Right away I felt that I was supposed to look for All God's Children for adoption.  Seriously.  I didn't even know if there was an All God's Children adoption agency, but I searched and found it.  Then I researched it and loved that they were established in each country that they did adoptions from and I loved that they were a Christian agency and I told Chris we had found our agency.  Since then I have been impressed by their openness, thoroughness, convictions and their dedication to the countries they have connections with.  I have faith that this is leading us to the children who God has planned for us.  I also love that I can tell this story to our future children to show them how God led us to them.  

10 Many sorrows shall be to the wicked;
But he who trusts in the Lord, mercy shall surround him.
11 Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, you righteous;
And shout for joy, all you upright in heart!  Psalm 32:10-11

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I think it's putting it mildly when I say that I'm not really huge on change.  I have lived in St. Louis my whole life, minus the four years in college.  I even live in the same area that I grew up in where I could get to my elementary school in about five minutes.  Although my lovely husband has expanded my palate, I still like to eat rice for dinner and I still like watching "Little House On The Prairie".  

Now there are changes that I plan on and then there are the changes that God has planned for you that you can accept and go with or fight (ie. the story of Jonah).  Part of my journey with my Christian walk has included learning to let go and let God.  Even though I am not in control, I do admit that I like to feel like I am.  This is not a great quality when dealing with adoption...or kids....or life in general.  Ha!  

Lately we have been feeling like our life will be changing.  Now, my more planning brain likes to think of all of the possibilities and plan for each one of them.  God must roll his eyes at me sometimes.  I have become much more of a go with the flow kind of person-homeschooling will do that to you-but I still like to know what is ahead.  I actually want to read the spoiler alert and find out what to be prepared for in a movie.  I have read the last part of a book to see if someone survives.  Although my 30th surprise birthday party was lots of fun, it put me out of my comfort zone.  

What I am learning, though, is that God wants us out of our comfort zone.  He never says that we will be comfortable, in fact he says quite the opposite.  However, and this is a big however, he promises that he can do amazing things with our lives!  He can't do these things, though, if we insist on maintaing our control.  I am just learning these things and it's scary, but if I can't trust the creator of our universe and instead choose to trust myself, then I know now that I am passing up some great opportunities.  

 “Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’  For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.  But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.  Matthew 6:31-34